Hello! I'm R. I'm 18 and I love animals more than anything. I also love to draw and travel. My dream is to travel through the Asia! I especially want to visit Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

Image of ESB

The above image is a picture I took during my tripm to New York in 2016. It was a really rainy night, but it was quite a sight to see in the big city. The Empire State Building is really a sight to behold! The lights were glistening and reflecting on the streets. It was really pretty.
I want to share this image because I'm quite proud of it! My trip to New York helped me hone my photography skills. Unfortunately, the quality is quite low on the computer, but that's alright.

Image of Bryant Park

The above image is a picture I took in Bryant Park, Manhattan. It was a beautiful warm night, and there was a small concert a little further down. We sat down to have a picnic dinner, and we got to see the lights of the building dim and change colors. It was super pretty, and a very pleasant sight! I wanted to share this photo because it makes me very happy to look at, and I hope it makes others happy too.

Image of lights

The above image is a picture I took in the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel in Boston, Massachussets. The hotel was really beautiful. It was made in an old port dock, but the whole interior was revamped and really modern. This art installation really caught my eye, and I find it really beautiful, so I wanted to feature it on my website.


Image of my cat

This is my pet Moka! She's a 4 year old ragdoll cat. I adopted her in 2013 from a local ragdoll breeder in Ontario. She's soft like a bunny and she loves to sleep next to me on my bed. She also loves to talk to us, and she thoroughly enjoys marshmallows. She's a special kitty and I love her with all my heart.

My Hobbies

Image of my art

This is a digital drawing (at least part of it) I made a few weeks ago. I love to draw, and recently uptook digital drawing. It was very difficult at first, but once I got the hand of it I really enjoyed it! I have access to so many colours and features, it's really exciting.

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