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Drawing, painting (watercolor and acrylic), music (ukulele and piano), reading, DIY projects, interior decor
Watching netflix, baking, knitting, figure skating

Hello! I'm R. I'm 18 and I have many hobbies, my favourite of which is drawing. I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil in my hand. I've always had a lot of creativity and imagination, and more often than not, I have my head in the clouds because of it. I create art in many different formats, but my preferred method of drawing is to do so digitally. I own and use a Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen and Touch Tablet (CTH470), and use a free drawing program called Medibang. I love this program because it is far less complicated than Photoshop, which I own as well. However, it's also quite limited editing-wise in comparison to Photoshop, which is why I often revert to the latter for any final editing I need to do on my art. I draw a lot of things, and I mostly do so for fun. I would like to try my hand at paid commissions, but I am still at a rather beginner level, and I'd like to improve my techniques a bit more, as well as gather a larger audience before I jump into that. Below are some of my digital drawings you can see for yourself. I always use PNG format, as the quality is far greater in this format than it is in JPEG. I also hate drawing backgrounds, so I take full advantage of the transparent feature of the PNG format.

My art

Image of Allura
Image of Allurance
Image of Hunk
Image of Keith
Image of ezor&acxa
Image of eyes