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My Favourite Books

As I mentioned on my Hobby page, I really love to read. Since I was very little, I've loved being carried into new worlds through literature. My absolute favourite genre is fantasy; it's always fun to read about, because we already deal with the real world the rest of the time, why not discover a new one while we're reading? Because of this, the fantasy genre has always fascinated me. As a kid, I loved to read about monsters and myths and urban legends. I find the unknown incredibly intriguing and enticing. Anything with a little mystery, a little fantasy, a little supernatural and a little comedy is right up my alley, book wise.

My favourite fantasy books include:

Alternatively, there are also some genres I don't enjoy at all. For one, I cannot bring myself to enjoy postmodernist novels. I find them incredibly trying to read, and I hate the choppy avant-garde narration styles. Oftentimes, you have to analyze even the most banal of things to truly understand what the author meant, and personally, I find that it often reads like an unfinished first draft - an amalgation of half formed ideas bunched together and published (at least the ones I have read were like this). I know that many people do enjoy this genre, though, so perhaps I just haven't found the right ones. Below are listed postmodernist books I've read that I DIDN'T enjoy: